Friday, June 18, 2010

Survey Results "So Far"

O.K. A special thanks goes out to everyone who has taken my survey, I really appreciate it. Lets review the results, shall we?
6 People from KIN710 were given a survey about sport preferences and:

83.3% prefer team sports over individual sports
50% prefer contact sports over non contact sports
100% prefer a predator as a mascot over an animal that would be considered prey
When asked which sport is your favorite contact sport:
33% prefer basketball, 33% prefer football, 16% prefer boxing, 16% prefer rugby and 0% prefer Ultimate Fighting.
When asked which sport is your favorite non contact sport:
33% prefer tennis, 33% prefer badminton, 16% prefer ping pong, 16% prefer golf and 0% prefer Racquetball

It surprises me that no one chose Ultimate Fighting.

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