Friday, June 18, 2010

My Sun

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Here is a picture of one of the greatest loves of my life. He brightens up everyday...that's why I call him my "sun". Soon, I will post I picture of my "moon".

Survey Results "So Far"

O.K. A special thanks goes out to everyone who has taken my survey, I really appreciate it. Lets review the results, shall we?
6 People from KIN710 were given a survey about sport preferences and:

83.3% prefer team sports over individual sports
50% prefer contact sports over non contact sports
100% prefer a predator as a mascot over an animal that would be considered prey
When asked which sport is your favorite contact sport:
33% prefer basketball, 33% prefer football, 16% prefer boxing, 16% prefer rugby and 0% prefer Ultimate Fighting.
When asked which sport is your favorite non contact sport:
33% prefer tennis, 33% prefer badminton, 16% prefer ping pong, 16% prefer golf and 0% prefer Racquetball

It surprises me that no one chose Ultimate Fighting.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Survey Tools Online

A very useful survey tool online is Survey Monkey. This is a very quick and easy way to make and distribute a survey. I went ahead and made a quick sport preference survey and sent it to Prof. Sailor and four of my KIN710 peers. I've provided a link below for those who would like to take my five question survey.



Flickr is a fun photo sharing site that allows all of your family and friends look at each others photo albums. I have created a flickr account and have added numerous photos to my album. The picture that I've included for this blog is a picture of my family and I at Universal Studios. By the way. The Mummy ride is outstanding! Maybe in the future I could get my students to create an account so that everyone could get to know each other better.

Universal Family Picture

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Professional Portfolios, Plaxo, and Linkedin

The portfolio site is nice. It has more of a private feel to it. Plaxo I really like because it pretty much has everything. Such as ways to network, links to all of your favorite sites and even your blog, facebook, and twitter account. Linkedin seemed to me more like a place merely for networking and trying to find employment. I didn't like how you had to make your account public for a certain amount of time in order to create an account. I chose to allow public access for a week. I hope nothing bad happens. I think it is kind of scary having so much personal information flying around over the internet. Who knows what someone could do with a little personal information? I don't know. There are definitely a lot of pros to all of this technology but unfortunately there are also cons that go along with it.

I have invited Prof. Scott Sailor to both my Plaxo and Linkedin accounts.

My Digital Portfolio

I just finished creating my first ever digital portfolio. It contains 6 pages of information. 1 - Resume, 2 - References, 3 - Professional Memberships, 4 - State Certification, 5 - My P.E Philosophy and 6 - My Assessment Examples. It took me a while to do but once I got the hang of it things went pretty smoothly. Feel free to check it out.

Gary's Digital Portfolio

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Image Generators

Here is a picture of my son. This is a side of him that I haven't seen before and that I hope to never see again. Personally I prefer the rosy cheeks and big brown eyes. I created this image from Photo Trix and I've provided the link. By the way I've just figured out how to create a link (yeah!). Image generators are fun.