Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Library Thing

O.K. I've created my account on The Library Thing and I've added 5 of my favorite books. Here is my link:

I think this web site is great for avid book readers, people looking for good reads, and or people who have enough time to read books. I like the fact that it promotes communication and dialogue amongst readers. It's always a good thing when people can get together and express their opinions with one-another. I just wish that I've read more books in the past. My joy in life was running around outside and playing games and sports. I'm really more of a movie person myself. Although reading definitely has its advantages, I read to my son every night and I'll do the same for my daughter. When they can read well on their own we'll have a reading hour where mommy, daddy, son, and daughter can sit down and enjoy their own book :)

My "Library Thing" Book Catalog

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