Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pod Cast Search Engines

I've again discovered something that I've never seen before and never knew about. There are so many informative podcasts from and I found some really good stuff related to health such as TPN:The Health & Fitness Show, Health Digest and PRI's Global Health Podcast. TPN: The Health & Fitness Show is an Australian health show that can provide another perspective on health from across the globe. Health Digest is a health show that offers bits of information about health. PRI's Global Health Podcast keeps you informed of global health issues and is co-produced by BBC World News.
There was also a plethora of informative fitness podcasts. Just to name a few are Worlds Fittest Man, The Fitness I.Q and Fitness attack. Worlds Fittest Man is produced by Joe Decker who once won the title of the "Worlds Fittest Man", he gives exercise advice and tips on basically anything fitness related. The Fitness I.Q is an innovative show produced by a panel of fitness experts that focusses on food, cutting edge workouts, relationships, fitness trends, latest gadgets and technology and much more.
These podcasts are great deposits of information that I can utilize throughout my career and implement in more P.E program, I'll be able to facilitate a wealth of information and better improve the lives of the future generations of classes. This was good!

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