Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Neomillennial User Article"

Neomillennial User

This article was very educational and informative to a technological novice such as myself. I like what I read about the andragogy approach towards educating students. Andragogy seems to be a very practical and effective approach towards educating today's students. It focuses on keeping the content close to home for the students so that they can apply prior knowledge and take more of an interest in the material. When it the article begins to talk about applying technology into the curriculum it got interesting. I learned the term neomillennial (anyone born after 1982), which I find humerus because of the fact that I was born in 1981. This article illustrated why or how today's technology can be used to benefit today's students. For example, the social benefit of joining and working in groups over the web allows students to show their individuality and express themselves without feeling the weight of everyone's eyes on them. It is a great way for the shy student to come out and mingle with everyone in the class. Students would talk to other students over the web that they wouldn't have ever talked to in person. Students would get to know each other much more so than they would in the class setting.

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