Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dart Fish Movement Analysis Program

A program that interests me a lot is Dart Fish. This software allows a person to analyze movement in innovative ways. I believe they use this technology for the olympics. My favorite feature is the overlay feature in which you can compare a student's technique with that of a professional athlete's. This is done by taking two separate videos recorded from the same angle, finding a common point in the videos where the two are at the same point of a skill, overlaying the videos/people and playing both videos at the same time. This technology allows a person to compare and contrast the two skills one on top of the other, with both people clearly visible. This is a great learning tool and feedback tool for coaches and athletes. If a person wanted to serve like Roger Federer all that person would have to do is get a video clip of Federer serving, then record his or herself serving from the same distance and angle, then load them both into Dart Fish and overlay both videos and play it in slow motion to see what he or she is doing wrong and what Fed is doing right.

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  1. I've used this program in the past-it's awesome! In my biomechanics class we had to choose a movement pattern to analyze. My partner throws the javelin for FPU track. We analyze the javelin throw. It was so interesting to break it down and watch it in slow motion. There is so much crazy stuff you can do with Dart Fish. I would love to break down my girls' softball swings. Unfortunately, this is a tool that not many people have the opportunity to use.